How to care atopic skin in winter

How to care atopic skin in winter

Atopic dermatitis is a chronic, relapsing and highly itching skin disorder.

Atopic subjects have a reduced content of ceramides and other lipids in the stratum corneum, which leads to a reduced capability of the latter to retain and bind water. As a consequence, skin hydration decreases while trans-epidermal water loss increases because water evaporates more quickly from the damaged stratum corneum.

Furthermore, impaired stratum corneum can induce the release of cytokines and pro-inflammatory factors causing inflammation, redness and the appearance of eczemas or dermatitis.


Why does atopic dermatitis worsen in winter?

It is not yet entirely clear which environmental factors exacerbate or alleviate atopic dermatitis. However, it has been observed that temperature fluctuations during seasonal changes lead to a worsening of symptoms, while cold and windy conditions can cause dehydration of facial and hand skin more easily.

It's not only atmospheric agents, though; the indoor environment at home or workplace also impacts the course of atopic dermatitis during winter months as indoor heating tends to create a dry environment that is not suitable for atopic-prone skin.


Alma’s solutions

Alongside these precautions, it's essential, especially during the winter season, to take care of the skin with products formulated for atopic-prone skin, specifically studied to address the main features of the pathology and prevent the worsening of symptoms on time.

Alma’s solutions for atopic dermatitis include:


- A delicate cleanser for the daily hygiene: Dermo-Remedy mild cleansing gel

- 3 medical devices for topical treatment: Dermo Remedy – available both with 50ml format (for face) and 200ml (for extended areas / body) and Baby Skin Relief – suitable for babies from 3 months old

- A fluid cosmetic emulsion as maintenance between treatments: Dermo-Remedy Hyper-nourishing cream 500ml



The entire line contains Tri-Solve P®, patented ingredient able to foster the restoration of the physiological hydro-lipidic film.

Tri-Solve P® is the product of a patented vehiculation technology that allows to deliver into the lower layer of Stratum Corneum its active compounds, ceramides and trehalose, in extremely stable vesicles made of Lecithin and Phytosterols with nano-dimensions, making them more bioavailable and therefore, more rapidly absorbed and more effective.

Tri-Solve P® increases skin hydration by 30.2% compared to a benchmark and has been the subject of a scientific article published in Cosmetics: an international, scientific, peer-reviewed, open-access journal on the science and technology of cosmetics published by MDPI.


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