Acne-prone skins

Specific topical treatment of mild to moderate acne able to perform an effective sebum-normalizing action and actively reduce the number of acne clinical manifestations (comedones, papules and pustules).

It contains Star Anise Extract, natural multifunctional ingredient, well known in Chinese medicine for its excellent exfoliating, lenitive, purifying and antioxidant properties, making it a complete ingredient inneutralizing all acne features.
The formulation is also enriched by the combination of a natural disaccharide (Trehalose), Hyaluronic acid and red alga extract able to perform a film-forming action and restore the skin natural water content.

Regulatory status

Medical Device Class IIA. (Marking on going)


  • Treatment and prevention for mild to moderate acne, even with an inflammatory component.
  • Ideal as an adjuvant to the pharmacological treatment of acne and as a topical maintenance product between subsequent pharmacological therapies.
  • Suitable in all those chronic cases that require long-term treatment.


  • Star Anise Extract: multifunctional natural ingredient, containing polyphenols, triterpenes, anethole, flavonoids and titrated in Shikimic acid (≥15% w/w). It has a remarkable sebum normalizing and anti-blemish action combined with antimicrobial, exfoliating and lenitive activity.
  • Red Alga Gel: Pacific red algae extract able to perform a film-forming action and restore the skin natural water content.
  • Hyaluronic acid: molecule responsible for maintaining the correct hydration of tissues, playing an essential role in restoring processes.
  • Bisabolol: soothing and antioxidant activity for an anti-reddening effect.
  • Trealix: combination of a natural disaccharide Trehalose) and vegetable proteins that mimics the composition of skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factor.


Light emulsion easily absorbed; 30 ml airless bottle


  • Outbreak prevention and control
  • Reduction of acne lesions
  • Natural formulation
  • Sebum control
  • Sebum normalizing
  • Natural index 97.2%

Clinical tests

Clinical test performed on 20 volunteers with acneic skin (aged between 15 and 50 y/o), after 1 month, applied twice a day:
-7.1% sebometry
-9.2% skin redness (inflammation index)
-32% seborrhea
-24% erythema
-39% desquamation
-11.2% manifestations (comedones, papules and pustules)


Apply a thin film all over the face and massage until completely absorbed. Use 2 times a day, morning and evening for 4 weeks.
For a better result use Acne-Solve in combination with Acne-Solve Cleanser to properly wash face and body.

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