Acne-Solve Purifying cleanser

Acne-prone skins

Hypoallergenic gel with sebum normalizing and purifying properties, indicated for the daily hygiene of acne-prone skins.

Based on a mild cleansing system, it gently cleanses skin removing excess sebum and impurities respecting at the same time skin hydrolipidic film and avoiding dehydration, dryness sensation and irritation.

 It contains a patented purifying complex able to control sebum production and a multifunctional ingredient derivative of Star Anise, which acts against the P. Acnes proliferation reducing inflammatory response and promoting skin renewal through a natural and mild exfoliation.

Regulatory status



Indicated for the daily hygiene of face and body, in case of oily, combination and acne-prone skins.
Suitable for adolescents and adults.


Azeloglicina®: patented bioavailable form of Azelaic acid able to regularize sebum production and promote skin radiance.

 Tiolisina® Complex 30: sulfurated amino acids derivatives salified with lysine, recommended in the formulation of sebum-normalizing products. It also decreases inflammation and itch sensation and has an antiblemish efficacy.

 Star Anise Extract: multifunctional natural ingredient containing polyphenols, triterpenes, anethole, flavonoids and titrated in Shikimic acid (≥15% w/w). It has a remarkable sebum normalizing and anti-blemish action combined with antimicrobial, exfoliating and lenitive activity.

Trealix®: combination of a natural disaccharide (Trehalose) and vegetable proteins that mimics the composition of skin’s Natural Moisturizing Factor.

 Aloe Vera, Panthenol: lenitive and hydrating agents to counteract skin rashes.


Use as needed for the daily hygiene of face and body.
For a better result
Use Acne-Solve Purifying cleanser in combination with Acne-Solve for a complete treatment.


  • With Azeloglicina® and Tiolisina® - patented ingredient
  • Skin renewal
  • Sebum control
  • Anti-microbial


Light gel texture in 200 ml bottle.

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