Canker sores, ulcer lesions

4 products effective in the treatment of ulcers and other irritations of the buccal mucosa.

A complete treatment of canker sores and ulcer lesions with 4 references addressing different sides of the skin disease: a targeted action, an extensive covering, a mouthwash and a junior flavored. Due to its filmogenic properties and the content in Hyaluronic acid, the formulation covers the irritated part of the mucosa, ensuring protection and encouraging natural healing. The presence of a patented ingredient exerts a natural antioxidant activity and keeps the microenvironment of the lesion under control, respecting oral microbiota. It takes advantage of the barrier effect of its mucus-adhesive matrix, isolating the affected area from mechanical and chemical stress (rubbing, saliva, drinks, etc.), relieving pain and burning sensations.

Regulatory status

All 4 products comply with the essential requirements in the Annex I of directive 93/42/EEC modified by the 2007/47/EC directive, and it is to be considered as belonging to the Class IIa (on going).

Product range

4 different products to treat canker sores, gingivitis and ulcer lesions:

  • Afta-block Oral Gel 8 ml tube: polymeric gel with applicator for intensive treatment of visible, localized wounds of the oral mucosa. Targeted action.
  • Junior Afta-block Oral Gel 8 ml tube: suitable for children to treat lesions, even due orthodontic appliance. Strawberry flowered.
  • Afta-block Oral Spray 20 ml: the spray bottle with directional applicator ensures an extensive protection even for hard-to-reach lesions.
  • Afta-block Mouthwash 125 ml: oral solution for a sanitizing activity of the buccal cavity aimed at preventing and treating canker sores and buccal lesions.


  • Mucus-adhesive gel-barrier effect
  • Protects the wound by facilitating cicatrization
  • Counteracts the local ulcer
  • Protective action against microbial attacks
  • Based on natural ingredients
  • It doesn’t irritate, it doesn’t burn

Clinical tests

Aftablock showed mucoadhesion properties: 65.7% after 60 minutes.


Afta-Block Oral Gel / Junior Afta-Block Oral Gel 8 ml tube 
Apply one or two drops of gel 2-4 times a day, completely covering the lesion.

Afta-Block Oral spray 20 ml
Use 3 or 4 times a day, directing the applicator towards the lesions and spraying 3 times or as needed to form the protective film.

Afta-block Mouthwash 125 ml bottle 
Rinse the mouth with 10 ml of product for at least 30 seconds 2/3 times a day, or more as needed. The product is ready to use, do not dilute.


Adjuvant treatment for canker sores and ulcer lesions, for daily prevention and treatment. It is also indicated in case of aphthous stomatitis, small mouth lesions such as those due to contact with orthodontic appliances, fixed and mobile prostheses.


Its particular formulation is enriched with:
  • Hyaluronic acid: moisturizing agent, it maintains the correct tissue hydration, playing an essential role in tissue repair processes.
  • Verochic® (Shikimic Acid): patented natural compound with antioxidant properties and able to keep the microenvironment of the lesion under control. It is able to inhibit the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms responsible of Apthae and Stomatitis without affecting the beneficial bacteria
  • Aloe vera: with soothing and moisturizing properties.
  • Red Alga Gel: Pacific red algae extract able to restore skin natural water content by exerting a film-forming effect.


Afta-block Oral Gel / Junior Aftablock Oral Gel: polymeric gel in 8 ml tube with applicator.

Afta-block Oral spray: spray in 20 ml bottle with directional applicator.

Afta-block Mouthwash: oral solution in 125 ml bottle with measuring cup.

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