Relief oral gel

Polymer gel effective in the treatment of ulcers and other irritations of the buccal mucosa.

  • Due to its filmogenic properties and the content in Hyaluronic acid, it covers the irritated part of the mucosa, ensuring protection and encouraging natural healing.
  • The presence of a patented ingredient exerts a natural antioxidant activity and keeps the microenvironment of the lesion under control.
  • It takes advantage of the barrier effect of its mucus-adhesive matrix, isolating the affected area from mechanical and chemical stress (rubbing, saliva, drinks, etc.) relieving pain and burning sensations.

Regulatory status

Medical Device Class IIa.
(Marking in progress)


  • Adjuvant treatment for canker sores and ulcer lesions.
  • It is also indicated in case of aphthous stomatitis, small mouth lesions such as those due to contact with orthodontic appliances, fixed and mobile prostheses.


Its particular formulation is enriched with:

  • Hyaluronic acid: moisturizing agent that maintains the correct tissue hydration, playing an essential role in tissue repair processes.
  • Verochic® (Shikimic Acid): patented natural compound derived from Illicium verum (Star Anise), with antioxidant properties and able to keep the microenvironment of the lesion under control.
  • Aloe vera: with soothing and moisturizing properties. 
  • Red Alga Gel: Pacific red algae extract able to restore skin natural water content by exerting a film-forming effect.


Polymeric gel available in 8 ml tube with applicator.


  • Mucus-adhesive gel - barrier effect
  • Protects the wound by facilitating cicatrization
  • Counteracts the local ulcer
  • Protective action against microbial attacks

Clinical tests (t.b.c.)

On going tests:

  • Barrier effect
  • Mucus adhesiveness


Apply 3-4 times a day, completely covering the lesion.

Continue the treatment as needed until symptoms disappear.

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