Anti-itching intimate gel

Intimate discomforts

Non-hormonal gel to confer immediate relief from intimate discomforts, such as irritation, itch, redness and burning.

Its formulation rich in active ingredients with a strong soothing and hydrating action help calm the vaginal epitelium and restore the optimal physiological condition.

Moreover, thanks to its phospholipidic structure, it helps restore vulvo-vaginal natural elasticity and firmness, slowing down the aging process and preventing atrophy.

Regulatory status



  • Reduces itch and irritation
  • Safe formulation: without preservatives, petrolatum, SLES, SLS, silicons, perfume
  • Clinically and gynecologically tested
  • Metal tested


30 ml tube with flip-top


  • Hyaluronic acid: molecule responsible for maintaining the correct hydration of tissues
  • Phospholipids: they improve the filming and protective properties of the gel and enable a controlled release of hyaluronic acid for a prolonged efficacy.
  • Trealix®: cosmotropic disaccharide enriched with hydrolyzed proteins, able to keep water molecules for making them bio-available whenever needed, with deep hydrating and restorative properties.
  • Vitamin E: increases tissue elasticity, slowing doqwn the aging process.
  • Aloe vera, Malva Extract, Camomila extract: soothing natural ingredients to reduce irritation and discomforts.

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