Baby Gum Relief


Bio-adhesive gel that forms an invisible film that protects gums from the discomfort and pain caused by childhood teething (swollen, red, irritated, congested gums and hypersalivation).

It calms the sensation of pain and the redness of the affected area while helping to numb the pain. It has also a cooling effect and a sanitizing action.
Indicated for the treatment of baby gums during childhood teething, it gives fast relief to affected area.

Regulatory status



- irritated gums
- pain during childhood teething


Its particular formulation is enriched with:

  • Hyaluronic Acid: film-forming ingredient with deep hydrating properties.
  • Dolcévia: natural sweetener, it's a pure powder of Stevia with hydrating properties.
  • Acmella Oleracea Extract: to relief gums pain,as it’s well-known for its anesthetic effect.
  • Chamomilla extract and Panthenol: calming and soothing natural agents.
  • Xilitol: sanitizing and antimicrobial agent.


Apply an amount of product sufficient to cover the affected area and gently massage the gum using the applicator. Use preferably after meals and before sleep in order to encourage the formation of the film and prolong the duration of the relief.


  • Teething relief
  • Reduces swollen gums, numb tooth pain.
  • Free from sugar, parabens, alcohol
  • It doesn’t burn nor irritate
  • 95% natural ingredients


15 ml tube with silicon applicator.

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