Anti-itching repairing medical devices

Dermo-Kalm line is composed of 2 topical creams formulated to provide immediate and lasting soothing relief for itchy and irritated skins.

It repairs cutaneous lesions, easing the symptoms of inflammatory conditions and the desire to scratch. 

Regulatory status

Medical devices class IIa

Product range

2 topical creams:
  • Dermo - Kalm 50 ml tube: intensive treatment ideal for targeted application (face/specific areas).
  • Dermo - Kalm 200 ml tube: recommended for application on extended areas and/or as maintenance treatment.


  • With Trisolve P ® - patented filming technology
  • Restores skin & hydration
  • Relief from itching, burning and redness
  • TEWL reduction
  • Metal tested
  • Dermatologically tested for sensitive skins

Clinical tests

Clinical test performed on 20 volunteers with atopic and very dry skin (xerosis), after 4 weeks of treatment, applied on the forearms, twice a day.

  • skin hydration: +69.5%
  • Trans Epidermal Water Loss: - 26.5%


Use 1 or 2 times a day or whenever skin need to be soothed from itchy sensation.
Apply on the irritated area and massage with slight circular pressures.


  • Symptomatic treatment of local pruritus
  • Specially conceived for dry, itchy skin
  • Indicated in any case of loss of integrity of epidermal barrier
  • Suitable for adults, children and elderly.


Hyaluronic acid: hydrophilic and film-forming molecule that captures and retains water in the skin outer layers. A fundamental component of the connective tissue, essential in tissue reapair processes. 

Tri-Solve P®: patented compound based on ceramides and a natural disaccharide (trehalose) with moisturizing and skin repairing activity to foster the reduction of cutaneous Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL).

Leniphenol®: combination of three balanced polyphenols, it matches outstanding anti-oxidant and soothing properties for sensitive skins.

 Shea butter, Jojoba Oil and Sweet Almond Oil: a combination of highly nourishing oils and butters to soften and deeply restructure the skin.

 Bisabolol: soothing activity for an antireddening effect.

 Vitamin E: high moisturizing and antioxidant power able to counteract skin damage and inflammation.


Light emulsion available in two formats: 50 ml tube and 200 ml tube.

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