Anti-itching repairing medical devices

Dermo-Kalm line is composed of 2 topical creams formulated to provide immediate and lasting soothing relief for itchy and irritated skins.

It performs several actions at the same time:

  • Soothing against itching, burning and redness
  • Protection from aggression by external agents alleviating symptoms of inflammatory conditions
  • Restoration of the hidrolipidic film enhancing skin barrier function.
  • Cooling effect for an immediate skin relief

Regulatory status

Medical devices class IIa

Product range

2 topical creams:
  • Dermo - Kalm 50 ml tube: intensive treatment ideal for targeted application (face/specific areas).
  • Dermo - Kalm 200 ml tube: recommended for application on extended areas and/or as maintenance treatment.


  • With Trisolve P® - patented filming technology
  • Skin barrier enhancer
  • Hydration enhancer
  • TEWL reduction
  • Metal tested

Clinical tests

Clinical test performed on 20 volunteers with atopic and very dry skin (xerosis), after 4 weeks of treatment, applied on the forearms, twice a day.

- skin hydration: +69.5%
- Trans Epidermal Water Loss: - 26.5% Metal tested:
< 0.1 ppm Nickel
< 0.1 ppm Chrome
< 0.1 ppm Cobalt


Use 1 or 2 times a day or whenever skin need to be soothed from itchy sensation.
Apply on the irritated area and massage with slight circular pressures.


  • Symptomatic treatment of local pruritus
  • Specially conceived for dry, itchy skin
  • Indicated in any case of loss of integrity of epidermal barrier
  • Suitable for adults, children and elderly.


Tri-Solve P®: patented compound based on ceramides and a natural disaccharide (trehalose) with moisturizing and skin repairing activity to foster the reduction of cutaneous Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL).

Leniphenol®: combination of three balanced polyphenols, it matches outstanding anti-oxidant and soothing properties for sensitive skins.

 Shea butter, Jojoba Oil and Sweet Almond Oil: a combination of highly nourishing oils and butters to soften and deeply restructure the skin.

 Bisabolol: soothing activity for an antireddening effect.

 Vitamin E: high moisturizing and antioxidant power able to counteract skin damage and inflammation.


Light emulsion available in two formats: 50 ml tube and 200 ml tube.

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