Dermo Remedy Hyper Nourishing Cream

Dry, very dry and sensitive skins

Fluid emulsion with hydrating and soothing properties formulated for the daily treatment of very dry, dry and sensitive skins.

Based on a concentrated mix of vegetable oils with lenitive and calming properties, it is enriched with a patented compound of Ceramides and Threalose that effectively restores the physiological hydro-lipidic film, reconstructing the protective skin barrier structure and ensuring a healthy level of hydration.

Regulatory status



- It restores the physiological hydrolipidic film, preventing skin barrier disorders.
- It fosters a faster normalization of overactive epidermis offering a immediate skin comfort.
- It helps to give relief to dry skin ensuring a good hydration and thus promoting the skin regeneration process.


- TREALIX: cosmotropic disaccharide enriched with hydrolyzed proteins, able to keep water molecules for making them bio-available whenever needed, with deep hydrating and restorative properties.
- TRISOLVE P®: a patented compound with skin barrier and skin repairing effect.
- Shea Butter: rich in fatty acids and vitamins, it has nourishing, restorative and emollient properties on skin.
- Calendula Extract: with soothing, calming and antioxidant properties.
- Macadamia, Sunflower and Lindseed oils: with moisturizing, antioxidant and calming properties. 


Massage 1/2 times a day on face and body until completly absorbed. Use 1-2 times a day or as needed. 


  • With Trisolve P ® - patented filming technology
  • Moisturizing and protective action
  • Skin barrier enhancer
  • Daily use


Packed in 500 ml Tube.

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