Fast repair

Fissures and cracks

Synergistic treatment to counteract and prevents fissures, cracks, chaps and small rhagades, by restoring the physiological skin barrier function.

It is composed of:
• Fast-med liquid plaster – Medical device: 

Medical Device effective in the treatment of fissures, cracks and chaps. Recommended also for small rhagades. A patented filming technology aimed to keep under control the micro-environment of a wound isolating it from mechanical and
chemical stress. To be used on topical lesions, in order to protect them properly and achieve a rapid healing of the pathology.
It acts by keeping the edges of the wound together, protecting it in order to avoid the reopening of the wound and foster cicatrization

• Skin barrier emulsion - cosmeceutical effective in the treatment of fissures, cracks and chaps. Recommended also for small rhagades. 

Moisturizing emulsion for dry and chapped skin, enriched with a synergistic pool of ingredients with skin-barrier function.
• It restores the hydrolipidic film and
reduces TEWL, increasing skin
• Rich in dermo-vegetal plant oils, it
ensures nourishing properties and highlong
lasting hydration.

Regulatory status

Medical devices class IIa.



  • To protect and heal fissures, cracks and chaps when they occur, isolating them from external stresses, fostering healing process and reducing the pain.
    Recommended also for small rhagades.
  • Indicated as a daily treatment to prevent dryness, irritation and therefore the formation of fissures, chaps and rhagades.


  • TRI-Solve® (Trehalose, Ceramide, Lecithin, Phytosterols - Patented compound): with emollient and repairing action to foster the reduction of Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL).
  • Acrylic Polymers: with high adhesive and filming properties that create an invisible patch with a water resistant effect.
  • Panthenol: strong moisturizing and soothing action; it also has re-epithelizing and emollient properties.
  • Tamanu oil: healing and soothing properties. It gives elasticity and deeply nourishes the dermis.
  • Almond oil: moisturizing and elasticizing properties.
  • Shea butter: nourishing with high content in essential fatty acids for the hydration and elasticity of the skin. Naturally rich in vitamin A,E and F, essential vitamins for a good skin balance.
  • Bisabolol: soothing and anti-reddening.
  • Vitamin E: antioxidant and moisturizing.


FAST-MED: transparent liquid in 3.25 ml glass bottle.
SKIN BARRIER: rich cream in 50 ml tube.


  • Prevents dryness, irritation and chapping.
  • Strong moisturizing, emollient and norishing action.
  • Reinforces the hydrolipidic barrier.
  • Reduces the TEWL.
  • Healing effect.
  • Patented filming technology
  • Rapid cicatrization
  • Immediate pain relief
  • Reduces cracks’ number, depth, width
  • Restructuring effect
  • Paraben free, petrolatum free, PEG and Silicon free.

Clinical tests

Clinical evaluation on 20 subjects, comparing Fast-Med efficacy against one of the main market leader after a 7-day-treatment in:

• Number of cracks: - 25%
• Depth: -91%
• Width: -89%
• Length: -83%
• Pain sensation: - 100%


FAST-MED: transparent liquid in 3.25 ml glass bottle.

SKIN BARRIER:  apply twice a day a thin layer of cream on hands and / or feet. Massage until completely absorbed.

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