Gyno - Balance

pH regulator

Non-hormonal gel to regulate vaginal pH

Formulated to restore vaginal pH and the balance of the vaginal flora, preventing relapses of bacterial vaginosis and vaginal mycosis especially after treatment with antibiotics. 

Regulatory status

It complies with the essential requirements in the Annex I of directive 93/42/EEC modified by the 2007/47/EC directive. It is to be considered as belonging to the Class IIA (Marking in progress).


  • It soothes itching
  • It reduces irritation
  • It is a reduces smelly leakage



Use a single dose per day, every morning or every night.


  • Against irritations, itching, unpleasant smells
  • Enriched with prebiotic
  • Contributes to restore vaginal pH and flora balance
  • Delicate formulation


Available in 2 formats:
- multidose 40 ml tube with canula
- 5 ml single-dose vials (pack with 7 units).