Immuno booster

Food supplement to support body's defences

Food supplement to support body's defences

Food supplement useful to support natural body’s defences in both adults and children.

Based on Eleutherococcus dry extract, Vitamin D and zinc: their combination work synergistically to support the physiological activity of immune cells, enhance the proper functioning of the immune system through a comprehensive approach towards both innate and adaptive responses, while preventing and counteracting viral and bacterial infections.

It is also enriched with blueberry juice to exert an antioxidant action and with fiber to enhance the overall wellbeing.

The innovative formulative technology, a microemulsion with multi-lamellar structure, ensures a better bioavailability for a better absorption and a more effective action.

Recommended during the winter period to prevent respiratory discomforts and other seasonal ailments and in all cases where the immune defenses may be weaker due to external factors such as stress, sleep deprivation, antibiotics intake.


150 ml bottle with measuring cap and childproof closure.


  • Vitamin D: regulates immune responses, helping to combat infections.
  • Zinc:  plays a central role in the development and functioning of immune cells, in the activation of lymphocytes and the production of antibodies.
  • Eleutherococcus dry extract: it has adaptogenic and immune-modulating effects, helping the body to better manage stress and its defenses.
  • Polydextrose: fiber with prebiotic properties and with a low caloric impact, suitable even for diabetics.
  • Carob flour: primarily utilized for its additive properties, can also be employed for its film-forming effect.
  • Cranberry juice: potent antioxidant that help protect the body from oxidative stress and free radical damage.

Main characteristics

  • Enhances the immune system
  • By improving the immune response, it prevents discomforts caused by infections.
  • With fiber for prebiotic action: it can help support the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines
  • Carrier system for a better bioavailability and absorption
  • The dry extract confers higher drug/content ratio for a more concentrated action.
  • Bluberry juice counteracts the oxidative stress.
  • Suitable for the whole family
  • With low caloric impact, suitable also for diabetics
  • Based on natural ingredients
  • Free from added sugar, gluten, lactose, colorants and alcohol.

Average content


Average content (adults)

5 ml

10 ml

Colecalciferol (vitamin D)

2.5 µg (50% NRV)

5 µg (100% NRV)*


5 mg (50% NRV)

10 mg (100% NRV)*

Eleutherococcus dry extract

75 mg

150 mg

* Nutrient reference values REGULATION (UE) N. 1169/2011


The suggested dosage is 10ml a day for adults and 5ml a day for children, alone or diluted in a drink of choice.

It is advisable to take it in the morning to guarantee protection throughout the day.

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