Memory aid

Food supplement to support memory and cognitive function

Food supplement to support memory and cognitive function

Food supplement to support memory and enhance cognitive function.

Based on Eleutherococcus dry extract and Pathotenic acid, well known for their key role in increasing mental performance and raising the level of attention, along with Citicoline able to foster the transmission of the nervous stimulus.

Enriched with Blueberry juice for an additional antioxidant activity.


It is designed to maintain cognitive function, prevent memory loss and complement pharmaceutical therapies for cerebral pathologies. It is an useful support in order to counteract age-related cognitive decline as well as face intense mental efforts (e.g. before exams, a peak period of work..)


10 X10 ml bottles. 


  • Citicoline: renowned for its neuroprotective properties, helping maintain the health of brain cells; it also enhances cognitive abilities such as memory, attention, focus and mental energy.
  • Eleutherococcus dry extract: it enhances mental performance, focus and potentially support memory and overall cognitive function.
  • Panthotenic acid: it promotes cognitive well-being for the maintenance of optimal brain function.
  • Polydextrose: fiber with prebiotic properties and with a low caloric impact, suitable even for diabetics.
  • Carob flour: primarily utilized for its additive properties, can also be employed for its film-forming effect.
  • Blueberry juice: potent antioxidant that help protect the body from oxidative stress and free radical damage.

Main characteristics

  • Supports memory and improves proper cognitive functions.
  • It raises the level of attention, helps regain concentration and mental clarity.
  • It fosters synapses and neurons responses.
  • The dry extract confers higher drug/extract ratio for a more concentrated action.
  • Enriched with prebiotic action to respect and preserve natural microbiota.
  • Suitable for a prolonged use by both adult and teenagers.
  • Formulation based on natural Ingredients
  • Free from added sugars, gluten, lactose, alcohol and colorants. 

Average content

Average content

10 ml


Eleutherococcus dry extract

150 mg



100 mg


Pantothenic acid

6 mg


* Nutrient reference values REGULATION (UE) N. 1169/2011


The suggested dosage is 10 ml (1 bottle) per day for adults/teenagers. 

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