Mycofree gel

Athlete's foot

Indicated to prevent and counteract the dermatophytoses of the feet and avoid recidivisms following Tinea pedis. Ideal as a daily treatment for a complete hygiene of sportspeople feet.

Treatment of Athlete’s foot: the gel forms a persistent protective layer on skin and on nails, avoiding the direct contact with dermatophytes that may be present in the surrounding environment and clothes. 

It counteracts and prevents fungal growth and survival.
Furthermore, it plays a multifunctional action for the hygiene and comfort of the interested area.

Regulatory status

Medical device Class IIa.


  • Indicated to treat and prevent the dermatophytoses of the feet and especially to avoid its recurrences.
  • Ideal as daily treatment for a complete hygiene of sportspeople feet.


  • Verochic® (Shikimic Acid - Patented ingredient): with antimicrobial effect and odor control activity.
  • PV / PA copolymer: a mechanical barrier that prevents cross contaminations and fungal growth.
  • Aloe Vera, Calendula: with a soothing action that reduce flaking, itching and pain.
  • Piroctone Olamina, Salvia Officinalis oil: with antimicrobial and anti-septic activity. 


Gel; available in 30 ml or 100 ml tube


  • Effective treatment of dermatophytosis
  • Prevents the arising of Tinea Pedis
  • Avoids Recurrence: effective in 100% of cases
  • Forms a protective shield and filming effect
  • Protects against bad odors
  • Hydrates and gives immediate comfort

Clinical tests

In a clinical test on 50 subjects, after 84 days of treatment it demonstrated to be 100% EFFECTIVE in avoiding the recurrence of athlete’s foot.

TEST IN VITRO: the product, tested on reconstructed human lesioned epidermis, resulted to be effective in inhibiting the Trichophyton interdigitale and Trichophyton rubrum fungal strains growth.


To be applied daily on the interested area, before sports or risky situations.

Suitable for adults for daily applications.

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