Nail Perfecting Lacquer


Multifunctional nail lacquer with a restructuring and corrective effect on onychodystrophy.

Due to both exogenous or endogenous factors, the nail can develop dystrophies or malformations that can lead to changes in structure, color (from yellow to dull gray), surface (loss of uniformity) and thickness. These onychodystrophies may affect toenails, fingernails or both, leading to a partial or complete disruption of the various keratinous layers of the nail plate causing nail brittleness.

Nail perfecting lacquer is a multifunctional nail lacquer that protects, nourishes and hydrates nails, counteracting their brittleness and improving their general aspect. Thanks to HA® Crossfilm technology, based on cross-linked hyaluronic acid, it creates a barrier protecting nails from external aggressions. The cross-linked technology allows to develop a longer lasting protective film with hydrating properties on skin. Its active ingredients perform a restructuring and strengthening activity useful to counteract onychodystrophy and help prevent both onychomycosis’ and onychodystrophy’s recidivisms.

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  • To restore and strengthen the aspect of deteriorated nails counteracting nail brittleness
  • To perfect nails aesthetics
  • To protect from external aggressions
  • To prevent recidivism from onychodystrophy


  • VEROCHIC®: patented antimicrobial ingredient titrated in Shikimic acid with exfoliating properties. It regulates hyperkeratosis, reducing the thickness of the external layer of the nail. It inhibits bacterial growth.
  • HA Crossfilm: filming agent based on cross linked Hyaluronic Acid, it creates a mechanical barrier to prevent crosscontamination and fungal diffusion. The cross-linked technology allows to create a longer lasting protective film with moisturizing effect on the skin.
  • HORSETAIL: Due to its richness in mineral salts, the horsetail is a valid remineralizer, useful for an effective nail strengthening action.
  • VITAMIN C: with lightening action, it prevents and treats nail yellowing.


Clean and dry the area to be treated. Apply the Nail Lacquer with the applicator spreading the liquid evenly. Wait a few seconds to let the product dry.

  • Apply once a day until the disorder disappears.
  • The treatment can continue over time as


  • Strengthening and restructuring action on nail matrix
  • Nail lightening
  • Keratolytic action
  • With Verochic® - antimicrobial patented ingredient
  • Prevention of recidivism of onycomycosis and onycodystrophy
  • Based on Horsetail- with remineralizing agent


Transparent and odorless liquid packed in a 3.25 ml glass bottle with applicator and safety cap.

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