Nail Rescue

Onychomycosis and onychodystrophy

Nail lacquer - onychomycosis, onychodystrophy prevention

Onychomycosis is a nail infection caused by a fungus, affecting both hands and feet; its manifestation usually involves an anti-esthetic change in the shape and the color of the nail.

When the fungus spreads deeper, it can also cause spots formation, thickening and brittle nails, which tend to crumble on the sides. Although not dangerous, it can turn into a relevant problem in terms of pain, the impact on both the social and the working life and the possible recidivism on patients.


Nail Rescue is a multifunctional treatment to protect the nails of both hands and feet, preventing the growth of fungi causing onychomycosis.

At the same time, it performs a restructuring and corrective effect for onychodystrophy; it corrects dyschromia and nails imperfections.

Regulatory status

Medical devices class IIa


  • To prevent and treat the symptomatology of onychomycosis of hands and feet
  • As a daily nail perfecting treatment
  • To counteract onychodystrophy
  • To help prevent recidivism.


VEROCHIC®: patented ingredient titrated in Shikimic acid with exfoliating and antimicrobial properties. It regulates hyperkeratosis, reducing the thickness of the external layer of the nail. It inhibits bacterial growth.

PVP Gel: filming agent, it creates a mechanical barrier to prevent cross-contamination and fungal diffusion. It’s a hydrosoluble polymer composed of N-Vinylpyrrolidone monomers able to absorb up to 40% of water, rapidly creating a transparent layer with a high filming activity.

 PIROCTONE OLAMINE: with antimicrobial activity.

 PHANTENOL: it fosters nail growth.

 VITAMIN C: with lightening action, it prevents and treats nail yellowing.


Apply once a day until the disorder disappears. Suitable for long-lasting applications.


  • With Verochic® – patented antimicrobial agent
  • Prevents and counteracts fungal diffusion
  • Contributes to restore the aspect of deteriorated nails
  • Keratolytic action
  • Strengthening and lightening
  • Multifunctional
  • It creates a protective film 


Gel available in 2 formats:  

  • 3.25 ml glass bottle with applicator
  • 5 ml pen

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