Nail Rescuer System

Ohychomycosis - nail aesthetics

Synergistic treatment aimed at counteracting onychomycosys

Nail Rescuer system - Treat & Conceal is a synergistic treatment composed of 2 products:

a medical device (Nail Rescuer) aimed at preventing the growth of fungi causing onychomycosis and a nail lacquer (Color Correct) that improves nails aesthetics while masking nails blemishes and dyschromia.

Regulatory status

Medical device class IIa + cosmetic


  • Treat & conceal
  • Instant optical effect
  • Precise application
  • Breathable technology
  • Synergistic treatment
  • Treats and prevents onychomycosis
  • Prevention of nail fungal diffusion


Nail Rescuer: transparent and odorless liquid packed in a 7 ml glass bottle with applicator and safety cap.

Color Correct: colored nail lacquer available in 5 ml glass bottle with brush applicator.


Nail Rescuer:

  • HA Crossfilm: filming agent based on cross linked Hyaluronic Acid, it creates a mechanical barrier to prevent cross-contamination and fungal diffusion. The cross-linked technology allows to create a longer lasting protective film with moisturizing effect on the skin.
  • Piroctone Olamina: Ingredient able to perform anti-septic and anti-microbial activity even at low concentrations. It has also great affinity to keratinous tissues, therefore it is especially indicated for nail treatment.

Color correct: without Formaldeide, Toulene, DBP.


Apply Nail Rescuer daily on clean and dry nails for at least 1 month. It is advisable to apply the product at least twice a day for the first month, and thereafter once a day until the physiological regrowth of the healthy nail. Then apply the cosmetic lacquer Color Correct 1 hour after the application of Nail Rescuer. Its applicator allows an easy and precise application, with a uniform distribution of the product on the whole nail surface and on the surrounding skin. Before applying the product, remove all traces of nail polish.

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