Radiance enhancing serum


All-over face serum for a bright complexion.

Brightening enhancing serum with a double benefit for the skin:

  •  It counteracts skin discolorations signs, caused by age, external aggressions and imperfections;
  •  It improves cellular metabolism, which deeply affects skin appearance.

Regulatory status



Effective in anti-age treatment as all over brightening serum to enhance skin radiance.


  • 3 depigmenting agents (Ascorbic Acid, Glucoside, Pea Extract, Patented Brightening Molecule): able to counteract hyperpigmentation and existent melanin and inhibit melanin formation (ASCORBYL ACID - 2GLUCOSIDE, WHIPURE, BRIGHT+)
  • Pool of ESSENTIAL AMINOACIDS (Proline, Alanine, Glycine) to promote cellular turnover.


Serum; 20 / 30 ml.


  • Skin enlightener
  • Even Complexion
  • Skin metabolism enhancer
  • 95% of efficacy
  • Effective in 7 days

Clinical tests

  • Clinical test performed on 20 subjects to assess depigmenting efficacy: the serum showed an increase of the Luminance parameter of the treated skin area (+7,46% after 60 days).
  • The subjects also gave good assessment’s scores on the following parameters: effectiveness, sensorial evaluation, lightness, elasticity, firmness and moisturization.


Apply twice a day on face, neck and décolleté to illuminate the complexion and prevent excessive pigmentation (all-over prevention).

In order to achieve better results apply along with KCA Anti-spots cream (focused whitening treatment)

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