Relarest & Sweet Dreams Junior

Food supplements fo favour relax & restful sleep

Food supplements to favour relax and restful sleep

Food supplements in drops based on melatonin able to improve overall sleep quality and reduce the time needed to fall asleep (known as sleep latency).

Other selected ingredients of vegetable origin exert a synergistic action by promoting relaxation and mental well-being.


20 ml glass bottle with overturning dropper.

Available in 2 formats:

  • Adult - with Hawthorn dry extract
  • Junior – with chamomile dry extract, recommended for children over 3 years old.


    • Melatonin: naturally produced by our body, an addition of melatonin improves sleep quality and duration, even in abnormal situations such as jetlag.
    • Carob flour: primarily utilized for its additive properties, can also be employed for its film-forming effect.

    Only in the adult version:

    • Hawthorn dry extract: known for its ability to promote relaxation and reduce anxiety

    Only in the junior version:

    • Chamomile dry extract: known for its calming properties that can promote better sleep, even in children, and for natural relaxing properties. 

    Main characteristics

    • Multifunctional: contributes to reduce the time necessary to fall asleep & it eases tension, insomnia, jet leg, stress and anxiety.
    • Both versions are enriched with components that promote relaxation and mental well-being.
    • Based on natural ingredients
    • Suitable for a prolonged use
    • It is free from gluten, lactose, colorants and alcohol.

    Average content

    Average content (adults)

    0.5 ml


    1 mg

    Hawthorn dry extract

    25 mg

    Content of Hyperoside

    0.25 mg

    Average content (junior)

    0.5 ml


    1 mg

    Chamomile dry extract

    25 mg


    • To improve sleep quality and relaxation: 5 drops at night, 30 minutes before going to sleep.
    • To ease jetlag: a minimum of 0.5mg (equivalent to 3 drops) at night, before going to sleep, on the first day of travel and on the  following few days after arrival.

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