Reshaping Cream


An easy spreadable cream that contrasts cellulite and the associated orangepeel effect thanks to its synergistic effect on microcirculation efficiency and fat metabolism.

Its efficacy is improved by the innovative microdelivery system

Regulatory status



Indicated for cellulite prone skin.


Its particular formulation is enriched by:

  • Acticolina LV: (Glycerophosphocholine (and) Lysine HCl (and) Valine (and) Glycerin (and) Water - Patented). Based on the last novelties in the field of nutriceutics, it promotes the fat metabolism in adipocytes reducing the volume of the skin irregularities. Moreover, glicerophosphocholine improves the bioavailability of lysine and valine which play an important role in the muscle contraction.
  • X-Solve: (Ethyl Ximenynate (and) Lecithin - Patented), innovative ethyl ximenynate microodelivery systems, able to improve the active ingredient ability to prevent the edema and swelling. It reduces the capillary leaking ensuring a more efficient microcirculation.
  • Red Alga Gel: (Ahnfeltiopsis Concinna Extract) Extracted from a red alga of Pacific Ocean, it is a film forming ingredient with protective and hydrating properties.
  • Aloe Vera Gel: lenitive ingredient with hydrating and vasodilator activity.


Light emulsion.


  • Microcirculation enhancer
  • Reduce the fat deposits
  • Heavy leg treatment
  • Toning and re-shaping skin

Clinical tests

Tested on 20 volunteers, after 1 month applied only once a day, it reduced the orange peel effect of -11.5%, improved the skin firmness of +13.4% and determined a thighs circumference decrease of -0.3 cm


Apply a light layer of cream on the interested area and massage until completely absorbed.

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