An ultra-soothing cream gel indicated as a daily treatment for rosacea and couperose disorders

Rosazel is able to perform a filmogenic effect on the interested area guaranteeing protection and, at the same time, reducing redness, blemishes and pain. It soothes skin flare ups and reinforce the epidermal barrier. Enriched with UV filters, it is able to protect reactive and sensitive skin from sun damage. 

Regulatory Status

Medical Device Class IIa 


- It alleviates the signs and symptoms of rosacea and others inflammatory dermatosis, such as redness, erythema, itching and burning.
- It fosters a faster normalization of overactive epidermis offering a immediate skin comfort.
- It helps to give relief to dry skin ensuring a good hydration and thus promoting the skin regeneration process.
- It also protects from sunlight and external agents.


- Azeloglicina®: a combination between azelaic acid and glycine with soothing and moisturizing effect.
- Hyaluronic Acid: a naturally-occurring polysaccharide that provides skin moisture and firmness.
- Vit. E: a free radical scavenger, a powerful anti oxidant vitamin with protective properties on the skin
- Solar Filters (SPF 15): to protect skin from UV-A and UV-B rays.


Packed in 30 ml aluminium tube.


  • Effective against erythema, redness and skin flare ups
  • Rapid relief from itching, flushing, burning and stinging
  • Skin hydration improvement
  • Effective in 28 days
  • Protection from external agents

Clinical tests

In vivo test: 42 volunteers with stage I/II rosacea, after 4 weeks, twice a day, on the face:

  • decrease in erythema: - 37% on cheeks / forehead, -53% on chin (instrumental evaluation)
  • hydration (instrumental evaluation): +36%
  • clinical evaluation of flushing, erythema, edema, itching, burning and stinging.


To be applied twice a day on the interested areas of the face and massage lightly. Use for 28 days.

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