Seb Remedy Hair&Body; wash

Seborrheic dermatitis

Cleansing gel specifically studied as adjuvant treatment for seborrheic dermatitis associated with irritation, dandruff and itchiness.

Mild surfactants of vegetable origin assure a gentle cleansing eliminating impurities and sebum excess, restoring and balancing cutaneous barrier.

Formulated with active ingredients with synergistic action:
Sebum normalizing: fine combination of sulphurated amino acids able to intervene in the excessive sebum production
Keratosis-regulating: it plays a gentle exfoliation to remove excess scales and dundraff promoting skin and scalp renewal.
Anti-microbial: a patented ingredient derivative of shikimic acid controls the microbial growth.
Soothing: relieves irritation, itching and redness sensations.

Regulatory status



Ideal for the daily hygiene in case of seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and in all states of excessive sebum production and skin desquamation of the body, face and scalp.


Tiolisina® Complex 30: sulfurated amino acids derivatives salified with lysine, recommended in the formulation of sebum-normalizing products. It also decreases inflammation and itch sensation and has an antiblemish efficacy. 

Verochic®: pure natural active ingredient, based on Shikimic acid, derived from Illicium verum. It is able to perform an antioxidant, antimicrobial and exfoliating activity, promoting skin and scalp renewal.

Mild surfactants: lipoaminoacidic surfactants derived from oat able to cleanse skin without altering its physiological moisture.

Allantoin: anti-irritant and soothing properties. It reduces redness and itching.


Use as needed for the daily hygiene of hair, scalp and skin. 


For a better result

Use SEB REMEDY Hair&Body Wash in combination with SEB REMEDY for a complete treatment.

  • Cleanse body, face and hair with SEB REMEDY Hair&Body Wash
  • Apply a thin film of SEB REMEDY to the affected areas and massage until completely absorbed.


Sebum normalizer


Keratosis regulator

Soothing effect



Light gel texture in 150 ml bottle

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