Skincare beauty routine line


A simple beauty routine ready-to-market for a

  • COMPLETE (answering to all major skin concerns)
  • EFFECTIVE (high concentration of active ingredient with efficacy tests)
  • SPECIFIC (different skin types)

skincare treatment, divided into 3 steps: cleanse, hydrate and protect. 

The hydrating step is composed of 3 moisturizing creams, specifically formulated for different skin types and needs. 

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Daily hydrating cream

A multifunctional moisturizing cream able to improve hydration, protect skin from oxidative damage caused by free radicals and prevent the first signs of ageing.

Based on trehalose and natural vegetable proteins, it preserves and restores the natural skin barrier, avoiding skin dehydration and ensuring a smooth and soft skin. It is enriched with vegetable based natural emulsifiers with balancing properties on the skin. C-Plus, the patented anti-oxidant complex, protects the skin from oxidative stress, thereby reducing the appearance of first signs of aging.
Formulation enriched with sunscreen filters to protect from UV damage.

Available in 50 ml tube


Trealix: based on Threalose, a sugar with a cosmotropic activity able to keep water molecules making them bio-available whenever needed.

Natural emulsifier: vegetable based O/W emulsifier able to create a liquid crystal network gel structure with restoring and balancing properties for the skin. High dermal affinity.

C-Plus: an anti-oxidant and radical-scavenging patented complex able to reduce up to 50% free radicals, increasing the cutaneous availability.

Chemical filters: sunscreens to ensure a CITY FILTER protection.

Sebum control cream

This Sebum Control creams offers a complete solution for oily and combination skins. It is specially formulated with ingredients of vegetable origin for skin with blemishes and imperfections. Its 5in1 action mattifies and refines the skin texture, while preserving the skin’s natural radiance, and helps to prevent the pores from being blocked.  The moisturizing complex has hydrating properties to protect and restore skin natural hydration. Non-comedogenic.

Available in 50 ml tube


Tiolisina Complex 30: a combination of sulfurated amino acids, it normalizes sebum and contributes to the treatment of greasy skin types. Sebum becomes less evident, skin is healthier.

Star Anise Extract: a multifunctional ingredient rich in shikimic acid, it promotes the skin renewal. It acts against the P. Acnes proliferation and the inflammatory response.

Hyaluronic acid: It is ideal for skin repairing processes. It helps to preserve the natural skin suppleness and hydration.

Hydrating complex: based on Trealix, Red Alga Gel and Bisabolol, it protects skin restoring its naturally hydration.

Delicate soothing cream

A moisturizing and emollient cream specifically formulated for dry and sensitive skin, with a rich and nourishing texture.

The special formula with a natural soothing complex provides a synergistic action of panthenol and allantoin to soothe and repair the most sensitive skin. It contains hyaluronic acid for an intense moisturization and the perfect mix of vegetable oils - calendula, macadamia and linseed - to improve skin elasticity.

Available in 50 ml tube


Soothing complex: a synergistic action played by Panthenol, Allantoin and marigold extract, with calming properties on skin. 

Moisturizing agents: based on Trealix, Hyaluronic acid, Shea Butter, Trimethyl Glycine with a moisturizing action. 

Vitamin E: with high antioxidant activity, it is able to block the cascade of events that determine oxidative stress, avoiding the alteration of collagen structure. 

Vegetable oils: a perfect mix of Linseed Oil (soothing and moisturizing), Macadamia Oil (astringent, emollient) and Sunflower oil (antioxidant, nourishing and calming).

Tri-Solve P: patented compound of Trehalose, phytosterols and ceramides vehiculated in lecithin for a longer lasting efficacy and a higher bioavailability. It act as effective barrier enhancer.

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