Hair loss

Lotion to counteract hair loss by strenghtening the hair and increasing the anagen phase.

Fortifying lotion to prevent and counteract hair loss. It strengthens hair, fortifying hair bulbs.
It increases hair growth rate and density and also fosters microcirculation, favoring the permeation of active ingredients. Indicated for the treatment and the prevention
of thricological diseases of inflammatory and/ or hormonal origin characterized by hair loss and thinning.

Regulatory status



  • It reduces hair loss
  • It strengths hair and hair bulbs
  • It is a both a prevention solution and a
  • treatment
  • It is a scalp conditioning
  • It is a based on a natural ingredient


  • Tricho-Solve®: patented anti-hair loss ingredient. It stimulates hair growth, reduces androgen production and counteracts inflammation.
  • X-solve®: a patented ingredient that stimulates microcirculation.
  • Trealix®: a complete hydrating and moisturizing ingredient.
  • Vit. A, B3, C, E: a multi vitaminic complex with antioxidant efficacy.
  • Biotin, Caffeine and Arginine: ingredients that are hair growth enhancer.


Available in 2 formats:

  • 3.5 ml single-dose vials (pack with 30 units)
  • Multidose 100 ml bottle with graduated pipette


  • Effective after 30 days.
  • 77% Assessed Improvement of Hair overall appearance.
  • 2 patented ingredients 
  • Scalp conditioning 
  • Easy to apply.

Clinical tests

Clinical evaluation on 30 healthy volunteers with Telogen Effluvium grade 2 and 3, with thinning or temporary hair loss. Application of 3.5 ml of the
product on the scalp for 90 days.

Tricho-Remedy showed:
• an increase of 26.71% of Hair Density
• an increase of 30.22% of Hair Growth
• an increase of 30.49% of the number of hair in anagen phase
• a general improvement in the state of thinning hair.


Single-dose vials (pack with 30 units): apply 1 vial per day, for a month.
Multidose bottle: apply 1 dose per day, using dosing pipette, for a month.

For a better result: prolong the application up to 90 days.

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